111 Albert St, P.O. Box 81037

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K1P 1B1

(613) 566- 9011 (home/voice-mail)



1999 Programmer Analyst Diploma - CDI Technical College

1995 Computer Programming Studies - Algonquin College

1993 High School Diploma with Bilingual Certificate - Gloucester High School


Work Experience

1996-Present Owner and Operator, Black Sphere Technology

duties: Access Device installation, trouble shooting and training. Computer sales, support , Webpage design and programming.

1996-1997 Beta Tester, Quality Assurance Team, Digital Electronics Corporation

duties: Beta test DECtalk/2 Speech Synthesizer Card

1994 Local Area Network Administrator, Employment and Immigration Canada

duties: Manage network, install hardware and software, troubleshoot, system wide backup, develop and administer computer literacy needs analysis questionnaire to employees and organize training session.

1994 Network Mail Consultant, Canadian Housing And Innovation

duties: Evaluate existing network, recommend changes, implement modifications and provide training.

1993-1996 Freelance Software Beta Tester (Quality Assurance), Gerard J. van der Land

duties: Beta test GEcho Electronic Mail Processor

1993-1995 Freelance Software Beta Tester (Quality Assurance), Hamilton Telegraphics

duties: Beta test RoboBoard and RoboBoard/FX

1993-1994 Sales Representative, Pro Design Networking

duties: Sell, configure and install computer and computer networks.

1991-1995 Programmer, Euphoria Software Development

duties: Participate in the development of Network and BBS oriented software

1989-Present Technical Consultant, Electronic Bulletin Board Systems

duties: Install bulletin board system and provide training to operators of such systems as such as: The Fourth Estate, Echo Valley and The Keep

1988-1991 Programmer, Sumware Software

duties: Develop and produce electronic bulletin board oriented software



Skills and Accomplishments


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