Taken the Winter Of 1995/1996, this is the first picture to be put up on the net of either me (Jeffrey D. Stark) or my sister (Chantal Marie Stark).



Taken the Summer Of 1997-98, this was taken at "Another Roadside Attraction".

Taken the Summer Of 1997-98, "And so, Laces McPutt takes careful aim at the hole..."

Taken spring of 1999, back when I had hair ;), This is me and my puppy Quincey.

Taken summer of 2001, this is me with the beautiful Niagara Falls in the backdrop.

Taken summer of 2002, the boys caught me with the digital camera as I was coming out of the office. (Look at Jeff Blush)

Taken winter of 2005, Sometimes we have to dress up eh?