Trial Of Acceptance

A Mech Commander must prove that he is a true mechwarrior, but also must prove that he has the skills necessary to command in battle.

In order to Join Clan Fire Mandrill, you must pass the ToA [Trial Of Acceptance]. ToA(s) can be conducted only by a FM member of rank 8 or above [Galaxy Commander, SaKhan or Khan]. The ToA consists of two parts

Part 1 - The Blooding

This part of the ToA is designed to show your ability to range your opponent and your ability to pick appropriate weapons layout(s).

You will bring/buy one mech of your choice, layed out with the weapons of your choice. Your goal is to try and win 3 rounds of 1v1 mech combat with a single mech. Each round you will face a different mech with different weapon layouts. You are not allowed to capture any turrets, sensors, door controls, arty crates...etc. However, you are allowed to repair in between rounds.

Part 2 - Commanding

This part of the ToA is designed to show how well you control a your mechs in combat situations.

Mech Setting: Stock (you are not allowed to change the weapons on your mechs).

Map: Capture Base

Artillery Allowed: Yes

RP: 500k


Contact Khan Black St0rm on Mplayer [Mplayer Name: FM - Black St0rm] or via email [] to arrange your ToA.