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Group Information

If you reside in the national capital region, are between 18 and 35
years of age and are visually impaired or blind, we want to hear from
you! C U There (CUT) is the newest forum for blind people in
Ottawa. The goal is to establish a social group of highly motivated,
career oriented young people who share similar interests. This is an
opportunity to meet new people and share ideas.

The goal of CUT is to provide a comfortable, informal environment
where living with a visual impairment can be discussed. Input by
group members regarding possible topics of discussion is encouraged.
Some possible topics may include, education, technical aids,
relationships etc.

Because we want C U There to be a mix of discussions and social
functions, our group will also go out for meals or to the local pub
for drinks. People can choose to only attend the discussions, only
the social activities or both! We encourage everyone to come and
take part in both sides of CUT.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend the invitation
to sighted partners of our visually impaired members. At C U there,
it is important to have both blind and sighted people present to take
part in our talks. It will provide an opportunity for sighted
partners to meet others in similar relationships.

We are interested in hearing from you and look forward to having a large
turn out.


C U There Discussion - of Current and New Technology for Persons who are blind or visually

When: Friday 27 September 6:00pm
Where: Meet at Carlingwood shopping Centre at the 87 bus stop.
What: Discussion of New Technology for Persons who are blind or visually
Who: Discussion will be led by Jeff, one of our members who works with
accessible computer technology

This discussion is ideal for anyone who is a student, or who is working with
high-tech equipment on a daily basis. We will be discussing some new
technology that most of us will not have heard about yet. We will also
discuss technology currently being used, and have the opportunity to network
with other members to tackle technology challenges that members may be
facing. Don't miss your opportunity to find out about the latest and
greatest accessible technology!

If you would like to be emailed about meetings, subscribe to the C U THERE email list at

Social Events

Since it is the season of ghosts and goblins, the next C U There social
event will be a Halloween party. Come dressed as your scariest creation and take part in the festivities. There will be lots of very frightening music, drinks and food. It is an event you would not want to miss. There will be a prize for the best costume and other Halloween activities will take place.
When: Friday October 25, 2002
Time: 6.15 Pm
Where: Meet at the 87 bus stop at Carling Wood shopping Centre at 6Pm
Note: Please RSVP in order to ensure that someone will be there to meet you at the bus stop.

Because we will be ordering out to a local restaurant for dinner, we ask all who attend to bring $10 to put toward their meal.

We hope that all existing members will be able to join us for our very scary Halloween social event. For all of you who have not yet attended a C U There event, this would be a perfect opportunity to come and check it out and meet the group.
We hope to see you all there!

In order to know how many people will be attending, we ask that you contact
Krista Kowalchuk
(Home) 792-3944
(Work) 951-0902
Crystal Adams
(Home) 795-1475
(Work) 951-9324

If you would like to be emailed about social events, subscribe to the C U THERE email list at